Eurovision 2012 – The Final Running Order

The semi finals are over, we know who has qualified and we now know what order they will perform on Saturday. Here’s the final running order with videos. 1. United Kingdom 2. Hungary 3. Albania 4. Lithuania 5. Bosnia & Herzegovina 6. Russia 7. Iceland 8. Cyprus 9. France 10. Italy 11. Estonia 12. Norway […]

Eurovision 2012 – Semi Final 2 Qualifiers – Lithuania through!

The second semi final has just finished in Baku and these are the 10 countries that qualified (in the order they were announced): Lithuania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Sweden, FYROM, Norway, Estonia, Malta, Turkey Željko Joksimović opened the show for Serbia.

My personal 2012 Second Semi Final Prediction

Obviously the name on everyone’s lips tonight is Loreen. Though still the big favourite to win the final on Saturday I’ve heard more and more doubters raising their voices recently. She should sail through this semi final with ease but stranger things have happened! The Netherlands is another big fan favourite but I think it […]

Eurovision 2012: Sweden Wins Semi Final 2 Twitter Poll!

The second semi final poll has just closed. Only 25 Twitter users took part this time, slightly less than for semi final 1. Here are the results. Qualifiers: Sweden 212 Serbia 152 Norway 131 Slovenia 119 Estonia 114 Netherlands 112 Ukraine 107 FYROM 82 Malta 65 Bosnia & Herzegovina 62 Non-qualifiers: Portugal 61 Turkey 47 […]

Eurovision 2012 – Semi Final 1 Qualifiers

The semi final has just finished and these countries are through to the final (in order they were revealed): Romania, Moldova, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Ireland Jedward were left waiting til the final 10th place , gaining the golden ticket to the final. Watch the qualifiers being revealed in the video below.

Eurovision 2012 – 1st semi final videos

The official Eurovision Youtube channel has already uploaded tonight’s performances. 1. Montenegro 2. Iceland 3. Greece 4. Latvia 5. Albania 6. Romania 7. Switzerland 8. Belgium 9. Finland 10. Israel 11. San Marino 12. Cyprus 13. Denmark 14. Russia 15. Hungary 16. Austria 17. Moldova 18. Ireland

My personal 2012 First Semi Final Prediction

Last year I tried a new method for predicting the second semi final qualifiers. I looked up each country’s voting history on Wikipedia and allocated points to the other countries based purely on which countries they’d given the most points to in the past. Perhaps this was fluke but it worked and I predicted 10/10. […]