Eurovision 2012 DVD to be released 18th June

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 [DVD]

The DVD of Eurovision 2012 will be released on 18th June. It’s not clear yet whether it will be released on Blu-ray as it was last year. To pre-order through Amazon click on the link below.

Euphoria set for UK chart success – highest entry for a Eurovision winner since 1997

The winning song of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest swept to number 1 in the UK iTunes chart on Monday morning and entered Wednesday’s Official Chart Update at number 2. The strength of her sales mean that she’s almost guaranteed a top 6 entry on the official chart which will be announced in a few […]

Eurovision 2012: Sweden wins by a landslide! 2nd highest Eurovision score ever!

She did it! Not only that but by a landslide 372 points – the second highest score in Eurovision history (after Alexander Rybak in 2009) and the most 12 points ever – from 18 countries (Rybak got 16).  Loreen’s average score of 8.86 points from each country was the 4th highest average score since 1991 and in […]

Eurovision 2012: Bookies Correctly Predict Top 3

Last year the bookies favourite France came a disappointing 15th. This year however the bookies odds reflected the final result, for the top 3 at least. The odds had Cyprus in 4th place but they came a dissapointing 16th, Albania were 21st with odds as long as 200/1 but they came 5th.

Eurovision 2012 Love Eurovision Final Poll – Loreen wins!

The Love Eurovision 2012 Final poll has just closed and Loreen is the winner! Lithuania were bottom of the poll with nil points! Here are the full results: 1. Sweden 172 2. Italy 105 3. Spain 100 4. Iceland 83 5. Serbia 79 6. Germany 78 7. Romania 68 8. United Kingdom 64 9. FYROM […]

Eurovision 2012: Sweden Wins Semi Final 2 Twitter Poll!

The second semi final poll has just closed. Only 25 Twitter users took part this time, slightly less than for semi final 1. Here are the results. Qualifiers: Sweden 212 Serbia 152 Norway 131 Slovenia 119 Estonia 114 Netherlands 112 Ukraine 107 FYROM 82 Malta 65 Bosnia & Herzegovina 62 Non-qualifiers: Portugal 61 Turkey 47 […]

Eurovision 2012 – 1st semi final videos

The official Eurovision Youtube channel has already uploaded tonight’s performances. 1. Montenegro 2. Iceland 3. Greece 4. Latvia 5. Albania 6. Romania 7. Switzerland 8. Belgium 9. Finland 10. Israel 11. San Marino 12. Cyprus 13. Denmark 14. Russia 15. Hungary 16. Austria 17. Moldova 18. Ireland