Melodifestivalen – Deltävling (Heat) 1

The artists and songs for Sweden’s massive national final show ‘Melodifestivalen’ were revealed recently. Deltävling 1 takes place on 11th February 2012 at Scandinavium in Gothenburg.

1. Loreen – Euphoria (Thomas G:son/Peter Boström)
2. The Moniker – I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just The Beginning) (The Moniker)
3. Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern – Jag Reser Mig Igen (Thomas G:son/Ted Ström)
4. Dead by April – Mystery (Pontus Hjelm)
5. Abalone Dots – På Väg (Rebecka Hjukström/Sophia Hogman/Louise Holmer/Viktor Källgren)
6. Marie Serneholt – Salt & Pepper (Lina Eriksson/Mårten Eriksson/Figge Boström)
7. Sean Banan – Den Förste Banan (Sean Banan/Joakim Larsson/Hans Blomberg/Mårten Andersson)
8. Afrodite – The Boy Can Dance (Figge Boström/Catrine Loqvist/Johan Lindman)

We won’t get to hear the final songs until the week of each heat (Deltävling) but here is a little info about each of the artists and their previous songs.


Loreen’s career started on Swedish Idol 2004 where she came 4th. You may remember Loreen from last year’s MF where she competed with ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’. Despite becoming a big hit in the Swedish charts she only managed 4th in her heat and lost out to Sara Varga in their head-to-head in the second chance round ‘Andra Chansen’.

The Moniker

The Moniker is another artist returning for a second year AND another artist from Swedish Idol. Competing under his real name Daniel Karlsson he came 4th in 2007. ‘Oh My God’ came 3rd in the same heat as Loreen, therefore also going through to Andra Chansen. Showing that the second chance round really does work The Moniker finished 3rd in the MF 2011 final.

Thorsten Flinck

Thorsten Flinck is a Swedish, actor and musician who released his first solo album in 2005. Here’s the opening track from his new album with the Revolutionsorkestern to give you some idea what we’re going to get at Melodifestivalen.

Dead by April

Dead by April are a Swedish metal band from Gothenburg. They released their debut album in 2009 and now in 2012 they are going to try for Eurovision.

Abalone Dots

From metal to country, Abalone Dots released this song in 2008.

Marie Serneholt

Back to a previous MF contestant. In 2009 Marie Serneholt came 6th in Deltävling 1 with this song, ‘Disconnect Me’.

Sean Banan

Since it’s nearly Christmas here’s Sean Banan’s Christmas song from 2010.


Not only have Afrodite competed in Melodifestivalen before – they won – and went on to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2002.

2002 Sweden: Afrodite – Never Let It Go (8th in Tallinn, Estonia with 72 points)


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