Love Eurovision Advent Calendar: 13th – Unlucky for some but not Sandra Kim and Bobbysocks!

The number 13 may be regarded as unlucky for some but Sandra Kim won Eurovision in 1986 after performing 13th and at just 13 years of age. She was the youngest ever winner. That record will probably never be broken as the rules were subsequently changed so that the minimum age for a performer is now 16 (however there is now a separate Junior Eurovision Song Contest for younger artists).

1986 Belgium: Sandra Kim – J’aime la vie (Winner in Bergen, Norway with 176 points)

This was the second year in a row that a song won from the 13th spot. In 1985 Norway’s Bobbysocks! won with ‘La det swinge’ (Let it Swing).

1985 Norway: Bobbysocks! – La det Swinge (Winner in Gothenburg with 123 points)

It wasn’t until 1999 that another country came close to winning after performing 13th. Selma was pipped to the post by Sweden’s Charlotte Nilsson with ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’.

1999 Iceland: Selma – All Out Of Luck (2nd in Jerusalem with 146 points)


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