Love Eurovision Advent Calendar: 9th – Linda Martin’s 9 attempts at Eurovision

Linda Martin is best known for winning Eurovision in 1992 with the Johnny Logan-penned ballad ‘Why Me’. However she also represented Ireland in 1984 with another Johnny Logan song ‘Terminal 3’ and competed in the Irish national final a total of 9 times, 4 times with the band ‘Chips’, once as ‘Linda Martin and Friends’ and 4 times as a solo artist. Out of 9 attempts she’s represented Ireland twice and won once.

Ireland 1984: Linda Martin – Terminal 3 – 2nd in Luxembourg with 137 points

We covered Why Me on the 3rd so here are six of Linda Martin’s other attempts to represent Ireland at Eurovision (I couldn’t find a video of Happy Days sorry).

National Song Contest 1976: Chips – We Can Fly (2nd place)

National Song Contest 1977: Chips – Goodbye Goodbye (4th place)

1978: Chips – Happy Days (4th place) – NO VIDEO AVAILABLE

1982: Chips – Tissue of Lies (8th place)

National Song Contest 1986: Linda Martin – If I Can Change Your Mind (4th place)

Euro Song ’89: Linda Martin – Here We Go (6th place)

Euro Song ’90: Linda Martin and Friends – All the People in the World (2nd place)

And since we covered the 1992 winning performance on the 3rd here’s Linda Martin’s guest performance at the 2006 Irish national final on the Late Late Show.

*Thanks to Youtube User senzate81 for uploading most of these videos.


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