Love Eurovision Advent Calendar: 2nd

The 2nd in dedicated to the United Kingdom. Despite some horrendous results over the last decade the UK still ranks joint second in victories and has come 2nd more than any other country – 15 times!

1967: Cliff Richard – Congratulations – 2nd at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK

1968 was the first time that the Eurovision Song Contest was broadcast in colour. The countries that broadcast it in colour were France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom as an encore presentation on BBC2 the next day.

1988: Scott Fitzgerald – Go – 2nd in Dublin

Written by Jule Forsyth, daughter of British TV legend Bruce Forsyth, ‘Go’ finished just one point behind Switzerland represented by Celine Dion. The final voting country didn’t give a single point to either the UK or Switzerland, making for a nail-biting cliff-hanger of a finish.

1993: Sonia – Better The Devil You Know – 2nd in Millstreet, Ireland

After Michael Ball’s 2nd place finish in 1992 the UK had high hopes for Sonia. It was another nail-biting finish with the UK needing 12 points from the final jury to win. In the event the UK received nil points and Ireland the 12, ensuring a clear victory for Niamh Kavanagh.


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