Results of the 2011 Second Semi Final and draw allocation

Eric Saade made a huge impact in the first half of the show. Twitter went crazy for Eric Saade and he breezed through to the final, restoring Sweden’s pride after a year out of the final.

Jedward wowed Europe with a great energetic performance to end the show. They had the best big screen graphics and the glitter explosion at the end was better than the slightly tired pyros everyone else is using.

The 10 countries that qualified for the final and their draw in the final are:

2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
18. Austria
23. Ukraine
15. Moldova
7. Sweden
20. Slovenia
17. Romania
8. Estonia
3. Denmark
6. Ireland

France are still the big favourites with the bookies with odds of less than 2/1 but Jedward are close behind and their odds could shorten further over the next 2 days.

Azerbaijan and the UK make up the top 4 with the bookies. Azerbaijan are in a particularly strong position as the only one of these 4 performing in the 17th-24th position that has provided the winner for the last 10 years. The last winner from Blue’s 14th position was 2001.


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