Shock results in the Eurovision 2011 First Semi Final – Norway and Turkey are out!

Well well well, that’ll teach me to predict the qualifiers. The final will be missing Norway, Turkey and Armenia. Their places were taken by outsiders Lithuania and Switzerland as well as Serbia. Fan favourite Hungary made it through.

Star of the night has to go to Paradise Oskar who breezed through to the final. His performance drew one of the biggest cheers of the night and Finland’s odds with the bookies have rapidly shortened to 5th favourite! Maybe he is this year’s Tom Dice after all.

The results (in performance order – full voting will be revealed after the final):

1. Poland
2. Norway
3. Albania
4. Armenia
5. Turkey
6. Serbia – Qualified!
7. Russia – Qualified!
8. Switzerland – Qualified!
9. Georgia – Qualified!
10. Finland – Qualified!

11. Malta
12. San Marino
13. Croatia
14. Iceland – Qualified!
15. Hungary – Qualified!

16. Portugal
17. Lithuania – Qualified!
18. Azerbaijan – Qualified!
19. Greece – Qualified!

The finalists are revealed:

Paradise Oskar’s semi final performance:



  1. SERBIA!!! ❤

  2. I'm not surprised at all that Norway and Turkey are out. both songs made my ears bleed.

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