Blue songs in Eurovision

Desperately searching Youtube for a leak of Blue’s Eurovision song I came across a number of Eurovision entries with Blue in the title or artist. Since we have to wait a whole day to hear the real Blue song I thought I’d share these with you.

Luxembourg: Vicky – L’amour Est Bleu (Love Is Blue) – 4th in 1967

Austria: Blue Danube – Du Bist Musik – 8th in 1980

Germany: Lena Valaitis – Johnny Blue – 2nd in 1981

Austria: Systems In Blue & Thomas Forstner – Nur Ein Lied (Only A Song) – 5th in 1989

Iceland: Jónsi – Heaven – 19th in 2004

Ok I’m struggling a little now but when I think of ‘blue’ songs in Eurovision this is the first that comes into my mind with the lyric in the chorus ‘blend your colours with my blue’. Watch him sing his little heart out and come 19th in 2004.

p.s. It’s not the Jónsi of Sigur Ros fame.

And finally, vaguely related, the Blue Man Group’s performance at last year’s Melodifestivalen final in Sweden. Maybe Blue should dress like this for their performance!


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