Eurovision 2010 shock! Sweden go home!

Sweden failed to qualify for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest final. In a gripping set of results favourites Azerbaijan, Israel and Armenia went through. Ukraine was an early upset for my predictions but it didn’t come at the expense of Niamh Kavanagh as I expected, Ireland sail through to the final! Cyprus were a completely unexpected qualifier for me and meant a big upset was on the way. With 9 out of 10 qualifiers revealed Denmark and Sweden were still to be drawn. In the end Denmark went through to the final and Sweden go home.

Sweden’s exit caps a turbulent few years for Sweden in Eurovision. Charlotte Perrelli’s ‘Hero’ came 12th in the 2008 2nd semi final and only qualified with the help of the jury wildcard. Although Malena Ernman came 4th in her semi final last year Sweden ultimately finished 21st in the final. Anna Bergendahl was a popular winner of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen with her song even topping the Swedish charts before the final. Sweden’s failure to qualify will be a big blow for a country that prides itself on it’s Eurovision enthusiasm.

The qualifiers in performance order were:


Playlist of all the 2nd semi final performances:



  1. If Sweden had sent 'Manboy' Eric Saade, Darin, or Salem Al Fakir (from Melodifestivalen) Sweden would have gone through. They just voted for the wrong person, unfortunately.

  2. Many of Swedish got a shock last night.OMG. Sweden could not make to the final.The poor little girl. She has lack of experiences and her performance was not good even though her song was good.It is perhaps true that if Sweden had sent other artist, ex, Salem Al Fakir Sweden would have gone through. But it is not only the public just voted for the wrong person, but also people could not accept the name Salem Al Fakir represents Sweden.

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