The ones to watch in Eurovision 2010

On first glance it seeemed this year’s Eurovision Song Contest might be one of the worst for years but hiding between some absolutely dreadful entries are a couple of songs destined to be Eurovision classics. Here are my tips for 2010.


I dismissed this as absolute rubbish when I first heard it but the more I listen to it the more I love it. Paula Seling is gorgeous and exudes confidence and stage presence and the song while being catchy isn’t tacky. It rises above the sea of ballads and I’m increasingly believing this could be Romania’s first ever Eurovision win!


Another male/female duo where the woman far out-performs the man. He looks a little awkward at times but she is an image of confidence and their vocals are practically flawless. I’ve always thought of Eurovision more as an anthem contest than a song contest and this song is anthemic. I’m sure it will make a big impact on the night.


The bookies’ favourite, I’m increasingly thinking Norway won’t make it twice in a row. I expect this song to place highly though, probably top 4.


Armenia have finished in the top 10 every year since they debuted at the contest in 2006. Expect Apricot Stone to have equal success. Possible top 5, definitely top 10.


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