Did Spain shoot themselves in the foot or save themselves from disaster?

Oh Spain, really? Ok, so after this performance an awful thought went through my head, ‘I think this might win!’ In the event Daniel Diges got 4 out of the 5 top marks from the juries and topped the televote, beating the favourite Coral. To give him credit he did pull off a good performance but the song doesn’t stand a chance in Oslo.

I’d been pretty sure of a Coral win. The only question was whether she’d pull off a live performance of such a difficult song. In the end her vocals were a little too shouty, the backing singers were dreadful and the backing track was far too quiet. With a bit of work I think the song would have been a real contender to win in Oslo!

I am however always mindful that I said the same thing about Paolo Meneguzzi and his song ‘Era Stupendo’ in 2008. The live performance was a disaster and Switzerland failed to qualify for the final, so maybe Spain actually saved themselves from complete disaster by choosing a mildly disastrous song instead.

N.B. As one of the ‘big 4’ Spain qualifies automatically for the final and doesn’t have to compete in the semi finals.


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