Eric Saade och Andreas Johnson till Globen

Any self-respecting Eurovision fan should learn at least the basics of the Swedish language. No other country has developed a national final format with such potential to provide year-on-year winners as Melodifestivalen. That said, Sweden hasn’t won the Eurovision Song Contest since 1999! I find it very ironic that Agnes sang ‘Love, Love, Love’ at Melodifestivalen 2009 and yet went on to have world-wide success with ‘Release Me’. Sweden would have had their best chance yet with that song, so don’t go laughing at Sweden saying they take it too seriously – even their artists don’t send their best songs to MF.

Right, anwyay, in case you can’t work out the title of this post Eric Saade and Andreas Johnson went straight through to the MF final at the Globe Arena in Stockholm. Pauline and Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän went through to the second chance round ‘Andra Chansen’, which will decide another song to send to the final a week before the final itelf.

To be fair to the finalists SVT viciously pursue anyone who uploads a video of the songs sent to Globen or Andra Chansen, so if you missed them this time you’ll have to wait for the respective shows to hear them again. Any London residents can see Melodifestivalen live at the Harcourt Arms (advance purchase tickets only) and SVT offer a live webcast for the world. Love Eurovision will be at the Harcourt Arms next Saturday for the next Melodifestivalen show featuring Alcazar!

Here’s some more Swedish you probably can’t understand

…and here’s Alcazar talking in Swedish!


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