What is going on with the UK selection?

Since Pete Waterman was selected as the writer/producer (delete as applicable) of the 2010 UK Eurovision Song Contest entry on 29th January nothing has been heard from the BBC. The BBC Eurovision site still has last year’s content (Plaistow Punch anyone?).

Rumours have been circulating about some involvement by John and Edward from X Factor but apart from that nothing much else is known.

The format is similar to last year but it seems it will be a one night show on the 12th March (thanks to Alexander Rybak for inadvertently giving the date away – he’ll be performing). Jayne Collins Casting is again in charge of the auditions. She seems to have a bit of a Twitter addiction!

Auditions have already taken place. One of the auditionees was a group called Dollie Mix who have been promoting themselves hard though their Twitter @DollyMixLive I think they would be a better bet than Jedward! However it seems from their recent tweets that no one has heard back from the BBC/Jayne Collins Casting yet. In a tweet on 11th Feb to one of the members of Dollie Mix Jayne said, ‘still in discussion so hold on a little longer!’

Here’s a video of Dollie Mix rehearsing in the studio:



  1. Those Dollie Mix goes certainly use twitter! They're all over it.So far, we have:Dollie MixMiss FitzThe UltrasonicsSam TaylorOn the basis on those, Sam would win, simply as three girl-band-acts would probably split the vote…

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