Spain 2010 – los 10 candidatos definitivos

Unfortunately this song came 2nd in the online voting, garnering nearly as much support as the wonderful Coral Segovia. Overall a total of 5,722,596 online votes were cast and these are the top 10 who will compete to represent Spain in Oslo:

Coral Segovia – “En una vida” – 292.522 votos
John Cobra – “Carol” – 269.919 votos
Lorena – “Amor Mágico” – 188.778 votos
Samuel y Patricia – “Recuérdame” – 188.470 votos
Daniel Diges – “Algo pequeñito” – 187.391 votos
Fran Dieli – “Cuando se trata de ti” – 187.213 votos
Venus – “Perfecta” – 183.753 votos
Anabel Conde – “Sin Miedos” – 182.528 votos
José Galisteo – “Beautiful Life” – 180.145 votos
Ainhoa Cantalapiedra – “Volveré” – 176.912 votos

Here is a Youtube playlist of all 10 finalists. Alternatively click here to view on the Youtube website.


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