2010 Romania – Selecţia Naţională


Sorry to disappoint you, Mihai isn’t back this year but there are 16 acts hoping to equal or better Mihai Traistariu’s 4th place position for Romania back in 2006.

Thirteen of them have made it to Youtube so far:

1. Luminiţa Anghel, Tony Tomas & Adrian Piper – Save Their Lives
2. Alexa Niculae – Baby
3. Paula Seling & Ovi – Playing With Fire
4. Paula Seling & Kamara Ghedi – It’s Not Too Late
5. Zero – Lay Me Down
6. Tina Geru – Love Is War
7. Alexandra Ungureanu – Crazy
8. Anda Adam & Connect-R – Surrender
9. Cătălin Josan – Around Around
10. Răzvan Krivach – Jackpot
11. Trupa Pasager – Running Out Of Time
12. Lora & Sony Flame – Come Along
13. Dalma – I’m Running

Youtube playlist of the songs here

The other 3 songs are:

Hotel FM – Come As One
Laurentiu Niculescu – Searching for Perfect Emotion
Lucia Dumitrescu – See You in Heaven Michael

The Romanian national final takes place 6th March 2010.


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