Estonia – eesti laul 2010

Oh dear, after all the great Nordic national final songs these come as a bit of a shock to the ears. Thank god there are only 10 to get through, Lithuania has 36 songs!

The 10 eesti laul finalists are:

1. Iiris Vesik – Astronaut
2. Disko 4000 – Ei usu
3. Violina feat Rolf Junior – Maagiline päev
4. Robin Juhkental (Malcolm Lincoln) – Siren
5. Mimicry – New
6. Marten Kuningas & Mahavok – Oota mind veel
7. Lenna Kuurmaa – Rapunzel
8. Groundhog Day – Teiste seest kõigile
9. Tiiu Kiik – The one and only – Love

*10. 3 Pead – Poolel teel [no video yet available]

Youtube playlist here

eesti laul 2010 will take place at the Nokia Concert Hall, Tallinn on 12th March.


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