My final prediction

One thing is very easy this year, Norway will win. There’s almost no doubt about it, although as we know from previous results nothing is certain in Eurovision. Below that I think it’s going to be a very close contest this year. Normally there are quite a few entries I can’t stand but this year there are none, only Croatia and Moldova that I mildly dislike.

There’s also the small matter of the juries. Will their 50% of the votes wildly differ from the televote, or will they be won over by Svetlana and her muscly Ukrainian dancers? Well anyway, here goes with my prediction for this year’s results:

1. Norway
2. Greece
3. Ukraine
4. United Kingdom
5. Armenia
6. Azerbaijan
7. Turkey
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. Iceland
10. France
11. Malta
12. Albania
13. Russia
14. Estonia
15. Sweden
16. Denmark
17. Spain
18. Lithuania
19. Romania
20. Finland
21. Israel
22. Portugal
23. Germany
24. Croatia


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