UK press in usual snooty attitude to Eurovision

It’s not the fact the UK press see Eurovision as a big joke that annoys me, it’s the way they look down their nose at the rest of Europe as if the UK would win every year if it wan’t for the bizarre Europeans voting for rubbish songs or just for their neighbours. Today’s Independent article illustrates this perfectly.

“As these pictures show, rehearsals and national heats have been taking place with the emphasis on garish costumes, ludicrous haricuts and presumably singing, as well.”

They showed a picture of Serbia! I ‘presume’ the use of that word means they haven’t actually bothered to listen to any of the entries and just chosen the craziest looking photo from the Getty Images feed. I used my right to reply:

“Oh you would pick a photo of the Serbian entry, possibly the ugliest and worst entry this year. Of course there are a couple of bizarre and eccentric entries this year but that’s what makes Eurovision fun. There has been some fantastic singing from Iceland in the rehearsals, and let’s not forget the Norwegian entry – ‘Fairytale’ by Alexander Rybak – that has won every internet poll hands down and is currently top of the betting odds. This will be an exciting Eurovision year and for once the UK has a decent chance. Please don’t dumb it down by focusing on the worst entries.”


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