Douze Points final tonight

Tonight is the Douze Points final at Retro Bar in London. This from their website:

“Douze Points is the oldest Eurovision Theme night in London. It takes place every second Thursday of the month from 8.30pm in the Retro Bar on George Court, London (Just off the Strand). It has been running since 1999 and provides the perfect opportunity for Eurovision fans to meet up and enjoy a great night out!”

“In April, we show all the songs that will be competing in the semi final. The songs that come out on top then qualify for our Preselection contest in May, when we show all the videos of the songs that qualified in April, along with the remaining songs. Everyone is divided into juries to vote on the songs and a winner is decided. We have yet to predict a winner!”

This is very true. Look at previous Douze Points winners:

2008 – Iceland – Euroband – This is my life
2007 – Switzerland – DJ Bobo – Vampires are alive
2006 – Germany – Texas Lightening – No no never
2005 – Hungary – Nox – Forogj Vilag
2004 – Sweden – Lena Phillipsson – It Hurts
2003 – Latvia – F.L.Y – Hello from Mars
2002 – Germany – Corrina May – Can’t live without music
2001 – Slovenia – Nusa Derender – Energy
2000 – Netherlands – Linda Waggenmaaker – No Goodbyes

The finalists are: Montenegro, Switzerland, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Malta, Albania, Hungary, Denmark, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain.

I think the winner will be between Sweden, Spain and Ukraine.

Loveeurovision will be there tonight and will let you know the winner on Twitter.


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