Is Jade on course for 12 points from Russia?

Since Jade sang ‘It’s My Time’ at the Russian national final in March there has been significant interest in the UK entry, culminating in the Russian OK! Magazine giving away a free copy of her single with the latest issue of the magazine. It has already sold over 100,000 copies in Russia and the Ukraine. MTV Russia has thrown its support behind Jade by running an advert delcaring, ‘Support Russia, but vote for UK!’ OGAE Russia also gave their 12 points to the UK.

So what does this mean for the UK? Can we really expect 12 points from Russia in the final this year? The last time Russia gave the UK 12 points was back in 1997 when the Russian jury gave ‘Love Shine A Light’ their maximum points. However, when Jessica Garlick came 3rd in 2002 with ‘Come Back’ the Russian jury didn’t give the UK any points at all! They did however give ‘No Dream Impossible’ 3 points the year before. The only points Russia has awarded to the UK since they started using televoting was in 2005 when they gave James Fox 1 point for ‘Hold On To Our Love’.

What was lacking in previous years of course was such a media frenzy behind the UK song. With a mix of jury vote and televoting this year maybe we should start to get excited that there’s a real chance of our first 12 points from Russia since 1997. There will surely be stiff competition from Norway’s Alexander Rybak (born in Minsk and a Russian speaker) and also Ukraine.

MTV Russia’s advert supporting Jade

Jade’s performance at the Russian final



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