UK staging revealed

The BBC have made the following announcements on Twitter regarding the UK staging:

22/04: We have chosen the violinists. All very handsome and will look extremely dashing in their (to be revealed) costumes. – Helen (Producer)

23/04: Our big prop is on its way to Russia. It left Blighty last week and hopefully it will arrive in Moscow before May 8th… – Helen (Producer)

So it seems the performance will be Jade singing, Andrew Lloyd Webber on piano, four dashing violinists and a ‘big prop’. Sounds very mysterious. We won’t actually hear the violinists playing live as the rules state that only a backing track may be used. I think it would be much better to have four backing singers as they’d really help lift the song and the violins would still be on the backing track anyway. Leave the violins to Norway and Slovenia.

We’ll see on 16th May if it works or not.


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