UK Eurovision Preview Party

Despite being slightly overshadowed by the huge Eurovision concert taking place in Amsterdam tomorrow the team behind the UK Eurovision Preview Party managed to pull off a fantastic show. Ukraine’s Svetlana Loboda was the biggest surprise for me. When I first heard the song I thought it was terrible but they’ve really worked on the performance and it’s very routine-heavy with four muscular Ukrainian men and two backing singers with Amy Winehouse beehives. It’s gone from perhaps one of my least favourite entries this year to one of the ones I’m really looking forward to seeing performed in Moscow.

The Romanian and Icelandic acts also pulled off great performances. For me personally Poland, Cyprus and Bulgaria didn’t have much impact.

A highlight of the night was the return of Imaani and Jessica Garlick who both performed their past Eurovision entries, ‘Where Are You’ and ‘Come Back’. It was great to see two of our most successful Eurovision acts of recent times and they both gave great performances.

Oh and finally how could I forget Friðrik Ómar. He treated us to a wonderful candlelight/ballad version of ‘This Is My Life’, before launching back into the eurodance anthem that we know and love.

All in all what I was expecting to be a dull precursor to Amsterdam tomorrow actually turned out to be a great night in its own right.

I’ve uploaded videos to my Youtube channel:

and you can see some photos on my Photobucket page.

You can see Imaani’s performance below:



  1. Great videos! Great review. Amazing Ukrainian performance, and Ireland was my second fave. You must have stayed up all night to do it though ;)Enjoy Amsterdam!

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