What’s the point of ‘The Big 4?’

Ok so France, Germany, Spain and the UK pay the most into the EBU and therefore pick up a lot of the cost of staging Eurovision each year but should that guarantee them automatic qualification to the final? The only argument I can see for this is that if they all failed to qualify a few years in a row it might provoke them to pull out of Eurovision and put the whole thing in jeapordy. In practice however it just seems to make them all lazy with the quality of songs they enter each year.

Today France’s entry was announced. Sebastien Tellier will be representing France with ‘Divine,’ the first French entry to be sung entirely in English. That’s about the most exiting thing about the song. It’s boring, pure and simple.

You can listen to Divine on Sebastien’s Myspace here.

Germany chose their entry on Thursday. ‘Disappear’ by No Angels could be a good song but it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just boring.


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