Moldovan National Final

A jury have selected 12 songs from 27 that were submitted to be Moldova’s 2008 Eurovision entry. The entries are listed below with the score they received from the jury. Alexa’s song is much better than Olia’s so hopefully she’ll beat Olia to become Moldova’s entry this year. If she does Moldova have a good chance of winning this year.

86 points: Olia Tira- Always will be
82 points: Alexa – We are one
63 points: Edict – I believe
52 points: Geta Burlacu – A century of love
52 points: Cristina Rujitcaia – You make me feel crazy
49 points: Catrina Pislaru – Dance with me
39 points: Jay Mon – Point of view
35 points: Dana Marchitan – Your name
27 points: Galina Scoda – Your own vision
24 points: Scroom – Jane
22 points: Elena Dermidjean- Living creatures
18 points: Liusia Znamensky – Don’t deceive my heart

Apparently you can listen to the entries here but I had trouble getting the player to work.

Olia Tira’s song is on her Myspace page here

I managed to find Alexa’s ‘We Are One’ on Youtube:


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