Belarus – working no magic this year

Belarus managed a respectable 6th place in 2007 with Koldun’s ‘Work Your Magic.’ None of the four candidate songs for this year’s entry look likely to work their magic in Belgrade.

Here are the televoting results from the semi final:

Ruslan Alehno – Hasta la vista (6089)
Litesound – Do you believe (3967)
Palats – Kola mlyna (2438)
Gunesh – I can’t live without you (2317)

Skandal – Everybody (1689)
PinCode – You can (1075)
Anya Sharkunova and German Titov – My budem pervye (991)
Lena Voloshina – That’s all I feel (858)
Yuliya Guseva – Maybe (759)
Dali Silver – Sky (679)
Katrine – Follow me (663)
The Champions – Drive me crazy (486)
Po glazam – Devochka tryohtysachnih let (420)
Victor Pshenichniy – Baby Blue (338)
Oksana Kovalevskaya – Vsegda odna (271)


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